Kerala Lottery Results Today Vishu Bumper BR-91

If you’re looking for Kerala Lottery Results Today Vishu Bumper BR-91 24-05-2023, then this is the right place for you. You can click the button below, for today’s Kerala lottery results.

Kerala Lottery Results department held the draw of Vishu Bumper BR-91 Lottery Results every Tuesday at Gorky Bhavan, Near Bakery Junction Thiruvananthapuram at 3 pm. At the same time, the live Kerala lottery results today will be published here. you can also check all previous Kerala lottery results using the list even you can check Kerala lottery results yesterday by clicking the button below.

 Online Kerala lottery consists of seven weekly lotteries with different price structures. The Kerala government gathered a very large amount of money through the Kerala lottery and spent it for many development purposes as well as for charitable contributions.

Kerala Lottery Result Chart

Date Name Code 
24-05-2023VISHU Lottery.BR-91
24-05-2023FIFTY FIFTY Lottery.FF-51
23-05-2023STHREE SAKHI Lottery.SS-366
22-05-2023WIN WIN Lottery.W-719
21-05-2023AKSHAYA Lottery.AK-600
20-05-2023KARUNYA Lottery.KR-602
19-05-2023NIRMAL Lottery.NR-329
18-05-2023KARUNYA PLUS Lottery.KN-470
17-05-2023FIFTY FIFTY Lottery.FF-50
16-05-2023STHREE SAKTHI Lottery.SS-365
15-05-2023WIN WIN Lottery.W-718
14-05-2023AKSHAYA Lottery.AK-599
13-05-2023KARUNYA Lottery.KR-601
12-05-2023NIRMAL Lottery.NR-328
11-05-2023KARUNYA PLUS Lottery.KN-469
10-05-2023FIFTY FOFTY Lottery.FF-49
09-05-2023STHREE SAKTHI Lottery.SS-364
07-05-2023AKSHAYA Lottery.AK-598
06-05-2023KARUNYA Lottery.KR-600
05-05-2023NIRMAL Lottery.NR-327
04-05-2023KARUNYA PLUS Lottery.KN-468
03-05-2023FIFTY FIFTY Lottery.FF-48
02-05-2023STHREE SAKTHI Lottery.SS-363
01-05-2023WIN WIN Lottery.W-717
19-03-2023SUMMER BUMPER Lottery.BR-90
19-01-2013XMAS NEW YEARBR-89
Kerala lottery results today

Kerala Lottery Results Structure

There are 3 types of lotteries, 1st is weekly, 2nd is monthly based, and 3rd is Bumper lotteries. Weekly lotteries are drawn every day means 7 times a week, monthly draw every month, and Bumper lotteries results are published every 2nd month.

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

All previous lotteries are available on the list even you can check Kerala lottery results for yesterday. The seven daily lotteries are the Fifty Fifty lottery draw on Sunday, the Win-Win lottery draws on Monday, Sthree Sakthi Lottery draw on Tuesday, Akshaya Lottery draw on Wednesday, Karunya Plus lottery draw on Thursday, Nirmal lottery draw on Friday, and Karunya lottery draw on Saturday.

Unfortunately, the sale of the Pournami lottery had been temporarily stopped by the government and they launched a new scheme in the Monthly Lottery named Bhagyamithra Lottery. Other 6 lotteries called bumper lotteries are held in every festival season of Kerala state.

Kerala bumper lottery results live updates will be published at 2.55 pm, and the official result will be updated at 4 pm. You can also check the Kerala lottery results yesterday using these links.

you can also check all 6 Bumper Lottery results using these links Christmas (Xmas) New Year Bumper lottery released from December to January, Summer Bumper lottery released from February to March, Vishu Bumper lottery released from April to May, Monsoon Bumper lottery released from June to July, Thiruvonam Bumper lottery released from August to September, and Pooja Bumper lottery released from October to November. 

Kerala Lottery Prize Structure 

Kerala Lottery, the best scheme in India has the 1st Prize of RS 80,00,000 with a consolation Prize of RS 8,000, 2nd Prize of RS 10,00,000, 3rd Prize of RS 1,00,000, 4th Prize of RS 5,000, 5th Prize RS 1,000, 6th Prize RS500, and 7th Prize RS 100. 

Kerala today lottery prize winners will get their prize money from any lottery shop in Kerala if the prize money is less than Rs.5000. If the amount is above Rs.5000 then they have to surrender their tickets in the bank or government lottery office with id proof for the claim. 

Bumper Kerala Lottery Results 

The government of Kerala state gives more importance to the festival seasons. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, Special lotteries named bumper lotteries were drawn. An interesting fact is that the lotteries were named after these festivals. 

Online lottery results Kerala bumpers are, Christmas New Year Bumper lottery held in January, Summer Bumper lottery held in March, Vishu Bumper lottery held in May, Monsoon Bumper lottery held in July, Thiruvonam Bumper lottery held in September, and Pooja Bumper lottery held in November are the six bumper lottery tickets available in Kerala lotteries

Kerala lottery tax deduction is 30 % of the total amount and the agent’s commission is 10%. Every participant can check the authenticity of their lottery ticket by verifying the Kerala Lottery results, Barcode Scanner, a new feature presented by the Kerala lotteries department.

Steps to check Kerala Lottery Results Online

Follow the step by steps given here to download, Print, and Share Kerala Lotteries Results:

Step 1: View eye to eye today’s Kerala lottery results online of Kerala Lotteries by clicking on the link 

Step 2: if you want to open the previous result of any lottery, Just click on the name of the lottery you want to check provided in the navigation menu.

Step 3: Now a web page opens and there you will see a table with the date and name of the draw results

Step 4: Here you can click on the date or name of the lottery you wish to check results.

Step 5: Here opens the page which contains the lottery results, Now check the results carefully.

Kerala Lottery Online Purchase

If you want to buy the famous lottery, named as “Kerala lottery” through an online purchase, then definitely you will be punished. Because the state’s government banned the sale of Kerala lottery tickets by any means through the internet.

Also, the sale of online lottery is prohibited in Kerala and the offense may be punishable. Our website doesn’t encourage such types of activities. 

Participants can purchase tickets from over 35,000 registered lottery agents and more than 100,000 retailers. For more information and to find your nearest agent, you should contact your district lottery office.

After you buy a ticket, write your name and address and sign your name on the back. This is how ticket ownership is determined, so don’t miss the boat of the prize and allow someone else to claim your prize. Keep your ticket in a safe place.


Kerala Lottery, is a scheme for the distribution of prizes or chances to those persons, participating in the lottery by purchasing tickets. The official Kerala lottery results are published daily at 03:05 pm and live Results are offered at 02.55 pm. Check Kerala State Lottery Results for all weekly lotteries available here.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What Lottery means?

“Lottery” means a scheme, in whatever form and by name called, for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance to those persons participating in the chances of a prize by purchasing tickets.

2 Is online lottery permitted in the State of Kerala?

No. As per G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TD dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 13th January 2005, the conduct of online Lottery was banned in Kerala. 

3 Is it permissible to trade Kerala Lottery through the internet or any other means?

No agent shall conduct the sale of tickets through the internet or by other means without prior permission of the Director and only the sale of physical tickets is permitted.

4 Can Kerala Lottery be purchased online?

As per the rule, only physical tickets are permitted for sale. 

5 Can Kerala Lottery be sold above face value?

No. No ticket shall under any circumstance be sold above face value.

6 How i find kerala lottery results today link?

you can check the main table for Kerala lottery results today link.

7 Can Results Kerala Lottery be clubbed with one’s own scheme, product, or goods for the promotion of their scheme, goods, and product?


8 Is the Kerala lottery results today available now?

yes, Kerala lottery results today are available now and update every day at 3 pm.