Kerala Lottery Results Karunya Plus

We publish Kerala Lottery Results Today Live for May 18, 2023, you’ll get the Kerala Lottery Results Karunya Plus KN-470 Draw on this page. You can also check all Kerala lottery results on this site.

You can also check and learn what to do after winning the Kerala State Lottery Prize Money and also check how to claim the winning amount from our site. So, read till the end & Share your views in the comments if you have any queries.  

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Date Draw Lottery No
18-05-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-470
11-05-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-469
04-05-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-468
27-04-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-467
20-04-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-466
13-04-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-465
06-04-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-464
30-03-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-463
23-03-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-462
16-03-2023Karunya Plus Results KN-461
09-03-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-460
02-03-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-459
23-02-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-458
16-02-2023Karunya Plus ResultsKN-457
09-02-2023Karunya Plus Results KN-456
Karunya Plus Lottery Results

Kerala Lottery Results Karunya Plus

Karunya Plus is a weekly lottery. The Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries conducts the lottery draw every Thursday for the ticket Karunya Plus. The lottery code is “KN”. 

The live result of the Karunya Plus lottery will be updated here at 3.05 pm daily and the complete result of the Kerala lottery Karunya Plus will be officially published at 4 pm every day. You can also download or print the official PDF of the Kerala lottery Karunya Plus result from 4 pm onwards.

Karunya Plus Kerala Lottery Results

Kerala State Lotteries department releases the lottery in 12 series and the series may vary. 108 lakh tickets were issued every day for sale. Although the ticket is printed in 12 series, the series changes alternatively. The two sets of series are PA, PB, PC, PD, PE, PF, PG, PH, PJ, PK, PL, PM, and PN, PO, PP, PR, PS, PT, PU, PV, PW, PX, PY, PZ.

Kerala Lottery Results Karunya Plus Prize Structure

You can buy the Kerala Lottery Results Karunya Plus ticket at the price of ₹40/- (face value 31.25 + 28% GST). The first prize-winning ticket gets ₹8,000,000. 1st, 2nd, 3rd…etc. up to 9 prizes including consolation were drawn for each lottery.

10% of the prize money will be awarded to the agents as a commission. A total of ₹19,60,48,000 is given to 265705 winners. For more prize details, kindly please verify the Kerala lottery Karunya Plus weekly lottery 2023 prize structure.

Kerala State Lotteries Results

The official lottery results of the winning lottery will be printed in the next day’s newspaper. But from you can check the live and official results at the same time as announced by the government. We achieved and kept the previous and old monthly results of the Karunya Plus lottery on our website. Upcoming lottery details are also obtainable on this website.

Kerala Karunya Plus Weekly Lottery

If you are eager to watch the draw of the Karunya Plus lottery, then do watch the live draw video on the TV channels like Kairali, Jaihind, Kaumudi, etc. The streaming is available on YouTube also. The live winning numbers will be updated on our website. So you can check the result at the same time as the draw.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What Lottery means?

“Lottery” means a scheme, in whatever form and by name called, for the distribution of prizes by lot or chance to those persons participating in the chances of a prize by purchasing tickets.

2 Is online lottery permitted in the State of Kerala?

No. As per G.O.(P) No. 4/2005/TD dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 13th January 2005, the conduct of online Lottery was banned in Kerala. 

3 Is it permissible to trade Kerala Lottery through the internet or any other means?

No agent shall conduct the sale of tickets through the internet or by other means without prior permission of the Director and only the sale of physical tickets is permitted.

4 Can Kerala Lottery be purchased online?

As per the rule, only physical tickets are permitted for sale. 

5 Can Kerala Lottery be sold above face value?

No. No ticket shall under any circumstance be sold above face value.

6 Can Kerala Lottery be clubbed with one’s own scheme, product, or goods to promote their scheme, goods, and product?