DedicatedCore VPS Server Hosting Review

There are tons of cheap VPS hosting providers on the market. However, finding one that provides exceptional features at a bargain is a challenge. Thankfully, we found DedicatedCore. To guarantee super quick execution linux vps hosting with cpanel hosting is combined with fast SSD NVMe storage. It offers high-quality plans for users of all levels. You additionally get developer-friendly tools for fine-tuning your VPS server. Other goodies include unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, and automatic backups.

The company also claims to have superior hardware, delivering 21X faster speeds than traditional HDD servers. On the downside, DedicatedCore customer reviews paint a terrible picture of server uptime.

While that is bad for your business, it does compensate for any outages. Overall, the vendor promises to keep your website running 99.9%. Here’s what else you can expect:

What Is DedicatedCore?

The success was due to the pocket-friendly solutions. Its shared hosting plans ranked among the most sought-after ones. Unlimited bandwidth enabled individuals and businesses to set up websites without worrying about budgets.

Looking for reliable and efficient storage virtual server hosting? let’s Explore the topmost suggestions for the best storage VPS solutions available today. DedicatedCore hosting has a total of seven data centers – in India, Canada, Germany, Singapore, France, the UK, and the US. They bring the benefit of dual fiber and multi-homed internet connectivity.

You also won’t have to worry about power backup. The host has three-phase power supplies. Servers run around the clock with minimal interruptions. DedicatedCore Inc. also uses security access keys.

DedicatedCore Features

The list of DedicatedCore features is endless. I can easily create and manage databases, add new domains, and adjust settings. The control panel also makes it easy to monitor website performance and create backups.

Powerful Servers

DedicatedCore uses KVM technology to power its servers. It offers up to 12X faster speeds than popular technologies such as Nginx and Apache. It uses intelligent caching to compress files.

Each of the VPS servers comes with RAID-5 NVME SSD storage. It promises up to 500% superior performance than traditional HDDs. Altogether, these features ensure swift page loading time.

Unlimited Resources

DedicatedCore hosting gives you numerous resources. The best part is that you can run unlimited websites at a flat fee. However, it’s unavailable on the cheapest plan. The bandwidth is also worth mentioning.

You can host high-traffic sites for your business. You get a limitless NVMe drive for storing your data. DedicatedCore user reviews show that downtimes are frequent during traffic spikes.

A closer look reveals that customers on the shared offerings experience it the most. That is usually normal with any host. As per the terms, the vendor limits the abuse of systems by aggressive users.

Server Rewind Backups

Mishaps happen all the time in the world of hosting. You can face challenges such as corrupt updates, server failures, and cyber-attacks. DedicatedCore offers server rewind to help in such cases.

You can choose between automatic or manual backups. You can schedule the automatic -daily, weekly, and monthly from the DedicatedCore cPanel. If you choose manual, you can save any changes in real time.

Unlike the competition, A2 stores back-ups in an off-site location. It ensures copies of your archives are always available. If the worst happens, it will take a single click to restore your website.

Website Builder

The DedicatedCore website builder is an easy-to-use tool for designing pages fast. It’s ideal for users who lack professional coding skills or developers who want to save time.

It comes with 100+ pre-built templates, an image editor, and ecommerce support. The drag-and-drop editor is the highlight of this feature. All you need to do is add content blocks and create the necessary pages.

For starters, you get DedicatedCore Auto SSL for data encryption. It does a perfect job of securing connections between the end-user and your server. Sensitive data like customer’s credit card details – is also handled safely.

Perpetual scanning helps to take things up a notch. It continuously scans your website to keep away malware, viruses, and spam. Every plan additionally supports HackScan guard for free.

It has a dual firewall that makes it difficult for bad guys to break through. The DDoS defense prevents attackers from overloading your server with unwanted traffic. DedicatedCore stops them from ever reaching your site.

DedicatedCore cPanel

cPanel is an industry-leading dashboard that simplifies server management. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and is fully packed with productivity tools. They include a file manager, database organizer, and DNS editor.

Additionally, you can manage your DedicatedCore email accounts from here. That’s a free feature, by the way – looking at you, GoDaddy. The one-click installer is the highlight of this software.

It comes with the support of 300+ apps for maximizing your hosting plan. These include popular CMS platforms such as WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

DedicatedCore Uptime

DedicatedCore has a 99% uptime guarantee, which is the industry standard. It means that you should expect downtimes of up to 45 minutes a month. You’ll receive compensation, equal to a whole month’s worth of hosting for free.

The warranty covers faults arising from internal equipment failure only. That means any interruptions originating from third-party suppliers don’t qualify. Still, that’s pretty decent, as most hosts hardly offer any refunds whatsoever.

DedicatedCore Speed

Conducting a ping test was among the first stages of the research for this DedicatedCore review. We wanted to check the response time across the network. By using, we were able to get 100ms. Pretty impressive!

We then tested the time to the first byte (TTFB). It measures the duration it takes for a VPS server to fulfill user requests. And boy-oh-body did DedicatedCore VPS shine – a record of 200ms. That’s what Google recommends for webmasters.

Lastly, we turned our attention to page loading time. It gave us an average of 1.5 – 2.0 seconds. Perfect!

DedicatedCore Hosting Services:

VPS Hosting

Virtual private servers (VPS) are ideal for developers and businesses that need more power. The DedicatedCore managed VPS is the first one that you’ll find in this category. It’s more user-friendly.

The vendor handles all the backend tasks that keep your server running. That includes monitoring, maintenance, and performing upgrades. Unmanaged VPS is the cheaper option, with prices starting from $4.99/month. In fact, it was the one we chose to run the tests on for this DedicatedCore review. Despite being pocket-friendly, it’s not good for beginners.

At least you get root access privileges. You can install virtually any type of software or application. They equally give you the freedom to maximize your server’s performance.

Dedicated Servers

DedicatedCore‘s dedicated server plans perfectly fit enterprises and developers who have demanding projects. Unlike in shared, VPS, and reseller, you get a standalone VPS server.

You can install anything you want. You can use root access to run custom configurations, apps, and software. Still, you’ll find Webuzo for a one-click installation of popular widgets like WordPress, PHP, OpenCart, and more.

DedicatedCore Support

You can access DedicatedCore support via chat, email, and a ticketing system 24/7/365. The first option is usually the best under any circumstance.

Our experience, however, was horrible.

It took almost half an hour for a customer agent to get online. Despite the lateness, the staff didn’t bother to apologize at all. He just went straight to giving unhelpful responses to all our queries.

Even though opening a ticket did work, the wait time was disheartening. It took up to 48 hours to receive a response. Thankfully, this time the agent was friendly and helpful in addressing our issues.

The person additionally made follow-ups to ensure that we were okay. Customers often complain about this in their DedicatedCore reviews. Some even mention it as the main reason for parting ways with this host.

DedicatedCore Pricing

VPS Hosting

VPS plan comes with dedicated RAM/CPU, RAID-5 NVME SSDs, and 21X faster LiteSpeed VPS servers with complete root access. Also gives full flexibility and complete control.

Dedicated Servers

You’ll get 1TB+ storage, 10TB+ bandwidth, and 2 dedicated IPs. With firewall and extra security features from malware attacks.

DedicatedCore Review

DedicatedCore is a good and affordable VPS server hosting option. It’s secure, comes with RAID-5 NVME SSD storage, and 24/7 customer support. In the end, it’s all down to your budget.

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