Why Aviator is One of the Best Crash Games


Modern online casinos continue to delight their audience with a variety of categories where every user can find something to their liking. Recently, bettors are increasingly preferring crash games to classic slots and roulette. What is the phenomenon of this format and why is it so popular with users from India. Let’s consider this question on the example of Aviator 1Win – an absolute hit in the catalogues of many gambling sites. 

About the Format of Crash Games

Under the crash game is understood a type of game where users bet on a specific object, the state of which changes over the course of the round. And the bet multiplier is constantly increasing until something happens to the object. Crash means “destruction”, so the analogy is pretty clear. 

The main goal of every crash game, including Aviator, is to withdraw funds before the end of the round at the highest multiplier. Initially, its multiplier is only 1x, which creates equal conditions for all participants. Then it starts to grow, and here you need to be as collected and quick as possible, because the speed of your reaction depends on whether you win or lose. Those who do not like to take risks, usually withdraw funds after a few tens of seconds. More experienced users – build an entire strategy, increasing their winnings from round to round.

Crash games are suitable for users with different levels of knowledge and experience in gambling. Thanks to the quick rounds, you can quickly understand the basic principles and rules, as well as quickly restore your bankroll after a failure. In recent years, the popularity of this category has grown inexorably, because crash games offer the audience everything they need from gambling: simplicity, accessibility and the opportunity to get a big win.

It is important to remember that like any other entertainment from the online casino catalogue, crash games can be associated with the risks of gambling addiction and great financial difficulties. If you want to protect yourself, it is recommended that you set limits on the time and money you are willing to spend on this activity before joining Aviator 1Win. This way, your approach to gambling will become more informed and responsible. 

Possibilities of Crash Games in Casinos

Crash gambling is associated with a lot of benefits that it offers to its audience. Let’s take a closer look at them. 


Unlike many other forms of entertainment, you don’t need to use complex strategies and combination approaches. The category is typically the entry point for many newcomers to gambling and allows new users to quickly integrate into the community before moving on to more complex activities. Thus, the accessibility of the Aviator format has a significant impact on its popularity. 

Big Wins

Absolutely all users of gambling sites are on the lookout for the best entertainment that will help them make extra profits. Odds multipliers in crash games increase almost lightning fast, so with good stamina and the right level of patience, you can count on really big sums. Also, the teams of many online casinos actively promote quite generous bonuses and promotions for users who try crash games for the first time, which significantly increases the chances of getting a big win.

Features of Aviator 1Win and Other Betting Site Pros

Today, Aviator 1Win is one of the most popular activities in the category of crash games presented on the site of the online casino of the same name. Users have fallen in love with it for its simultaneous simplicity and exciting gameplay. After downloading the entertainment, you will need to make a bet. Then you will see on the screen the image of an aeroplane, which will gradually rise into the sky. The higher the trajectory of the flight becomes, the faster the multiplier of the coefficient increases. The round ends at the moment when the aircraft leaves the playing field. This happens quite quickly, so the user should always be on the alert to withdraw funds in time. 

The project team knows about the popularity of Aviator 1Win, so in every possible way stimulates the interest of the audience in this activity. So you can count on a 500% deposit bonus, which can be spent on this activity. For those who are just starting their way in gambling, the developers offer a demo mode – a game without the use of real money, where the user simply observes the round from the outside to better understand the principles of interaction with this entertainment. 

Recommendations to Users 

Adhering to Aviator 1Win helps to take a responsible approach to Aviator 1Win. Take advantage of a number of tips that will save you from possible mistakes: 

  • Set budget limits and never go beyond it to avoid losing control of the situation. 
  • Take a break from the game – regular breaks every 30 minutes or more will help you stabilise your emotional state and regain a sense of control. 
  • Don’t try to win back at all costs – stop and stop playing to avoid making your situation worse. 
  • Set up control points so that you can monitor for clouding in the creation in time. 
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help at the first symptoms of gambling addiction. 

These recommendations will help you stick to the principles of responsible gaming and enjoy gambling.

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