The Economic Side of the IPL: Sponsorship, Prize Money, and Player Salaries

The Economic Side of the IPL: Sponsorship, Prize Money, and Player Salaries

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most popular and profitable cricket tournament in the world. Since 2008, it has drawn millions of viewers while also generating significant revenue for participating teams, players, and organisers. In this article, we’ll look at how money is distributed in the IPL, who the major sponsors are, and how player salaries are calculated.

IPL sponsorship

One of the main income streams of the IPL is sponsorship. Every tournament season the main sponsor gives a financial sum to use its name and logo on the player’s uniforms, on the playing field, and in publicity materials. Moreover, the IPL has sponsors attached to each team; these sponsors can have their products seen and advertised by a large number of people.

In 2024, the key sponsor of IPL was Dream11, the online fantasy sports company. It was paid 2.2 billion rupees (approximately $30 million) to become the tournament’s title sponsor. This is an example of how sponsorships work in sports. However, this is 50% less than the main sponsor at that time, Vivo, a Chinese smartphone company, which dropped out of the IPL due to political tensions between India and China.

Unacademy (a learning platform), CRED (a credit card management app), Upstox (a brokerage house online), Tata Motors (an automobile company), and Disney+ Hotstar (a streaming service) were among the other main sponsors of the IPL 2024. They agreed on anything between 1.2 and 1.6 billion rupees ($16 million to $22 million) as an annual sponsorship fee for being official IPL partners.

Each of the eight IPL teams has its sponsors so that the sponsors’ logos are added to the jerseys, helmets, sleeves, and chests of the players. Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings kept their place as the top earners for sponsorship deals in 2024 earning Rs. 65 crore (approx. $9 million) each. The sponsorship from famous companies such as Samsung, Colgate, Marriott, Jio, Myntra, Nerolac, and others contributed to the popularity of the event.

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IPL prize money

Aside from sponsorship, the IPL’s prize money is distributed among teams based on their standings. In 2024, the total prize money was 50 crore rupees (approximately $7 million), with the winning team receiving 20 crores (approximately $2.7 million), the finalist receiving 12.5 crores (approximately $1.7 million), the semi-finalists receiving 8.75 crores (approximately $1.2 million), and the fifth and sixth-place teams receiving 6.25 crore (approximately $850,000).

IPL player salaries

IPL players are paid about 1 crore rupees (roughly 135 thousand dollars) in one season. However, some stars also get extremely high salaries due to their outstanding skills, experience, and public adoration. The highest-earning players in the 2024 IPL were Virat Kohli (Bangalore Royal Challengers) with a salary of Rs 17 crores (about $2.3 million) per season, followed by Pat Cummins (Kolkata Knight Riders), and Mahendra Singh Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings).


If you were to think about it, the IPL is not only a remarkable sporting event but also a tremendous economic booster for India and worldwide cricket. The prize of sponsorship, prize money, and players’ salaries are the reflections of the growing interest, public engagement, business relations, and media involvement. The IPL creates platforms to help develop players with the talent and chances for international exposure as well as decent remuneration. The IPL demonstrates that competitive sports not only provide entertainment but also a long-term investment vehicle for investors. To learn more about the IPL and how you can become a part of this sport and benefit from betting on it, please go to

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